Customer reviews

Hello Natalia, once again l wanted to convey my emotions about your work, but this time in writing. Thank you very much for the beauty that you create, which leads all in amazement, giving several times your gifts, the people to whom they were donated were ecstatic, this is not usual, with great taste and with a personal twist, liked the fact that you have an individual approach and work are notalike. Continue to create and delight us! Success!

Brenda S.

I just want to keep saying THANK YOU for this lovely coffee tree composition that you’ve made for me! It looks great in my new home and brings this incredible coffee  aroma  in the whole house! You are a real artist!

Jason B.

Great product, or better to say it is a  real masterpiece! so unique and awesome! I’ve ordered one coffee tree for my friend’s birthday and it was a great gift! she loved  it so much! Thank you!

Jessica N.

Brought Natalia’s coffee tree home…She said that it brings money 🙂 ….I’VE…GOT…A…JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it a coincidence or magic?:) Don’t know, but crazy happy!!!!!!