Creation Process

As you have already seen, majority of my works is made of natural coffee beans which are the splendid decoration material. The coffee does not go bad, has a rich color and remarkable texture. In addition, it smells good and serves as a flavor enhancer.

Besides coffee beans I use various decorative elements such as cinnamon barks, anise tree, rice, buckwheat, spice, natural materials and fabrics, artificial flowers, ribbons, and tree branches as additional elements in order to create my works.

I also like to experiment and join different trends of handicraft and needlework such as decoupage, knitting with hook, and papier-mâché. As a result, it looks so gorgeous.

COFFEE TREES look like a sphere that is decorated with different elements and that imitates a crown which is fixed on the long pivot. The construction is fixed to the base and installed in a flower lawn or decorative mug, then it is covered with gypsum.

COFFEE TOPIARIES can have different size and color range. They match perfectly inside of the house as well as inside of an office.  They can be installed on opened shelves, bar counters, fire-places, coffee tables or desks.

You can choose any topiary that you like from our catalog OR make an individual order with your own color range of the ornament.