Diaper Cakes

A “diaper cake” composition remains to be most popular centerpiece for a baby shower or for the first visit to a new born baby. It’s not surprising, because such composition is beautiful, is 100% useful and reflects the main idea of the event. This composition can also serve as a great money holder, or as a beautiful, one of a kind gift wrap where you can place kid’s clothes, toys, accessories and so on.

But the idea of a “gift cake” is not limited to baby shower celebration only. It can be used as an engagement ring (or any other gift) holder, as a gift itself or as a centerpiece for any party. I can make loot bags arranged in a shape of a cake for a birthday party, or a composition of juice boxes and candies gathered in shape of a cake for your kid’s birthday party, so you can bring it to the daycare as a treat for the kids. Or let’s arrange some cans of beer and packs of favorite snacks and make a gift cake for your spouse! There are lots of creative ideas that can turn ordinary things into something amazing and unique! Treat your family and friends with a special gift that reflects their individuality and your love to this person.

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