Care Instructions

How to care about Topiaries

It is not hard to care about Topiaries. From time to time it is necessary to blow duster using hair dryer with the cold compressed air. Also, it is NOT desirable to put Topiaries under sunrays.

COFFEE CHARMS:  “… Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning Physicist (1922), had a horseshoe above his door, and when a visitor asked him about it, he mentioned it was a good luck charm.

“Do you really believe in that?” the visitor asked.
Bohr replied: “Of course not … but I am told it works even if you don’t believe in it.”

Usually, a Horseshoe is hanged above the front door inside the house with its ends pointing upwards. This direction symbolizes that your house has a plenty of everything and that there is happiness in your family.

Following are the materials that are used for decoration of horseshoe. They all have their own symbolic meanings.

  • Peas and beans symbolize wealth and abundance at home.
  • Red pepper means hot love and symbolizes yang.
  • Nut is a symbol of intellect and health.
  • Sunflowers and sunflower seeds represent happiness in the family and hospitality.
  • Berries symbolize harvest.
  • Dog-rose is a sign of excellent health.
  • Apple resembles love and joy.
  • Sacking indicates abundance.
  • Corn is a symbol of children’s health, reproduction and unity of the family.
  • Coins represent success in business.
  • Poppy stands for the fulfillment of desires.
  • Bay leaf symbolizes fame and triumph.
  • Buckwheat resembles prosperity.

You can choose any Horseshoe as a lucky charm from the available models or we will create one based on your own wishes.

Sweet Bouquets.

This kind of bouquets may include different components besides candies. They often contain natural or artificial flowers, all sorts of ribbons, toys and decorative accessories. Wicker baskets, boxes and constructions of different forms as well as vases are used as bases of candy bouquets.

Sweet bouquets can be given as a separate gift or can be an element of one big present.

All of them are made exceptionally by hand. Therefore, they are unique. Corrections are possible depending on your choice of candies and color range.

Remember that almost everyone loves flowers and candies. That is why candy bouquet can bring joy and surprise everyone. My creative ideas and rich imagination will help you express your attitude towards the person to whom you are presenting it.

Photo frames

Photo frames are popular all over the world. They are used to demonstrate pictures and for that reason they should look nice in order not to spoil a perception of the images. Photo frames will look unusually in any interior due to the large variety of their designs.

I will be able to make photo frames of any size, design and background theme according to your wishes.