When making a new custom order, I’m always thinking about it’s future life: the life after the event it had been made for. Let’s see this unique bottle pedestal. You can easily refresh it with a new bottle of wine without damaging the composition and it will delight you as long as you wish. It can be made in any style: ethnic, just like this one, rustic, nautical, alla Provence etc. A little bit of imagination and a regular packaging becomes a designer object!

the composition does NOT include the bottle and the price does NOT reflect bottle’s price

Price: $45

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Could you agree with me that each of us had thought about presents which we would give to our relatives, friends or colleagues? I have had the same problems. I wanted to give something astonishing and extraordinary all the time. On one hand, I desired that my souvenir would bring happiness and pleasure, and be easy to bear in mind for a long time. But on the other hand, in our century of high technologies and abundance of goods and services, it is not so easy to solve this problem. Thus, handicraft souvenirs serve as lifebelts and they are individual and exceptional. I would like to help you solve this problem with great pleasure. As well, I look forward to that everybody is discovering somewhat fascinating and close to their heart.

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